I’m not doing very well at posting one of these a day but I’m still working slowly through the questions… I suppose the important thing is that I’m still going, rather than how quickly I get through them.

I’m not sure I can pinpoint a single favourite book but I utterly loved The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. Family, adventures, a dog, picnics, ginger beer… That was the life I wanted as a child and I loved every single things those four children got up to. Looking back at them as an adult, there’s a lot of eye-opening and facepalming at what they were allowed to do, but then it was a different time, wasn’t it?

I mean, a character called Dick has a completely different connotation nowadays!

Then again, it could be interesting, in the hands of a competent author, to see an updated 21st century version of Julian, Dick, Anne, George, Timmy & their adventures. Purely for curiosities sake.

But, really, nostalgia is where its at


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4 responses

  1. Kya (@up) says:

    Haha, it would be funny to see more traditional names in books. Many of them do have different meanings now.

  2. Cassie says:

    Oh, I LOVED those books when I was a kid. Most of Enid Blyton’s stuff, actually

  3. Amy Gibson says:

    I love Enid Blyton! I used to read the St Clares series, the Mallory Towers one and the mysteries. I think I still have them somewhere. They’re so good!

  4. gretchiii says:

    I love those books when I was a kid! I’ve been a big fan of spy/mystery books and I’ve always imagined myself included in their adventures~!

    By the way, I think your post got cut off?