I have to admit, my gut reaction here would be Harry Potter. I would love to be a Witch and attend Hogwarts – although preferably in a time of peace. I’d rather have not been a student when Harry was there… think how interrupted my education would have been.

Imagine walking down Diagon Alley and buying school supplies. Catching the Hogwarts Express. Being sorted (preferably into Gryffindor, thank you). Meals in the Great Hall. Playing Quidditch. Learning Transfiguration, Defence Against Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Astronomy, History Of Magic, Herbology, Arithmancy, Diviniation… The Forbidden Forest. Hogsmeade.

I think it would just be wonderful!


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4 responses

  1. gretchiii says:

    I would choose Harry Potter too! I used to fantasized that I was with the whole cast, fighting bad wizaewhen I was younger. I am a proud Harry Potter fan girl and I’d love to see the Harry Potter Universe.

  2. Jenny Kim says:

    You really sold it with that description. Sounds like a fun place to study. I never read any of the books, and only watch a few of the movies. But Universal Studios is opening a Harry Potter Attraction, so I feel like I need to be caught up before I go.


  3. maroonchan says:

    Yeah Harry Potter had a rather fun world. I think a lot of fellow fans would love to live there. =3

  4. Cassie says:

    Yes, yes it would.

    I would love to visit Narnia at the height of the Pevensies reign