Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series.

It’s almost cliche to say it but she reminded me a lot of me – plain looking, intelligent, hard-working, studious, bookish… I loved seeing a character with her conscience and compassion, her responsibility and her steadfast devotion to the rules. She was determined and focused and so strong, despite her insecurity and fear of failure. Yet, despite her confidence and her abilities, she was never arrogant and would always help her friends.

I would love to be as brave as her – even when she was scared and panicking she was still able to find the reserves to carry on, to win.

I could carry on for hours as to why I love Hermione, why I think she’s an incredible female character and role model but I won’t! <img src="http://www.4smileys.com/smileys/embarrassed-smileys/embarrassed-smiley62.gif


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  1. Michelle says:

    I related to Harry Potter in the 5th book: The Order of the Phoenix. Isolated, lonely, and no one that believed him except his close friends. At times, I understand how Harry was, but I was extremely proud that he rose above the abuse and neglect to be strong and happy at the end.