Day one of the challenge and it’s one hell of a question. I don’t know about you but when I fall in love with a series of books, I never want it to end. I want to know more about everything in the world the author has created. Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia are always the first that spring to mind… there’s so much else that could be explored around the Magical World, about Narnia and the other lands.

Then I look at the second part of the question: a series I wish would just end already.
Laurell K Hamilton – Anita Blake.
A quick google search shows that no, she’s still writing and they’re still being published and I honestly want to know WHY!

They started off great but they’ve just dissolved into what basically feels like porn, there’s no plot just excuses for characters to have sex. I’m sure that’s great for some people but it’s really not what interests me at all. I gave up somewhere around book 9 or 10 I think.
According to the internet, book 28 is due out this summer.


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